Your 2-month challenge to run up to 231k if you so wish.

Once you have run the numbers from 1k-21k individually then you log them separately for use if your 4 chosen numbers get drawn in our live random number draws

Get all 4 numbers and you are a big winner (a whole year of events with us for 2021) total 13 events valued at over £300

Let us keep you motivated during these social distancing non-event times and help raise some valuable cash for the local charities as they struggle with no physical fundraising events.

All participants receive a colourful medal and extra goodies for those who get near with 2 or 3 numbers matched

Have a great summer with us in a virtual way.

You can purchase extra lines within the merchandise section



Waiting List

Registrations are not available at the moment

Join the waiting list and we will email you if a place becomes available

So example is; I pick numbers 5, 7,15 and 21.

I now go and run them individualy and log them.

If those numbers are drawn in the weekly draw to claim the top prize then proof of those 4 distances in kilometers is to be mailed within a week